#No 22#

by EIPHNH Afarensis

FiLiOsIs Carolina

Hair: Elikatira  [e] Say - All {GiFt}
Bracelets: {EY:NO} [EY:NO] Mess Bangles (gold)
Nails: Mstyle Mstyle Perfect Hand - Long Nails
Neckless: DirtyLand dl:: Be Happy Neckless
Glasses: DADAbiez DADAbiez  - Fatpack Nerd Glasses - Mesh
Earrings: DirtyLand dl:: Be Happy Earrings
Stockings: DirtyLand dl:: Cat Fight Stokings
Top: EmeRy Emery - Loop Suit #Fucsia
Shorts: DirtyLand dl:: Chaos Jeans Shaorts - mesh 5 sizes
Boots: DADAbiez DADAbeiz  Fishy & Flaggy & Just Black Boots

by EIPHNH Afarensis

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